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The Yucca Plant - Yuccas Are Easy To Grow

Different Yucca Plants & Yucca Flowers

The Yucca plant is one we in the Southwest are very used to seeing. It is highly identifiable and extremely popular throughout the arid (hot and dry), desert areas of the U.S. and Mexico. We have all the information on this plant, so whether you’re researching a specific type or looking to buy one for your own garden, you’ve come to the right place.

Yuccas, Explained
These plants are all relatively similar in appearance. Most possess tall stalks of white clustered flowers and sharp, sword shaped leaves. They are considered a nocturnal plant because the majority of their activity occurs at night; the yucca flowers bloom, emit their sweet scent and attract pollinators.

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Under the moonlight the flowers glow brightly. These highly reflective clusters of flowers have given the plant such nicknames as Lamps of the Lord, Our Lord’s Candles, and Ghosts in the Graveyard.

They require little water and are very low maintenance. They are fairly resistant to heat, drought, and cold temperatures. They are an excellent landscape plant, especially if you are pursuing xeriscaping. The flowers bloom in the spring and through the early summer.

Yucca plants also survive solely by pollination from the yucca moth. The female moth, working at night, is attracted by the sweet scent of the yucca flowers and gathers pollen from stamens of one plant and deposits them on the stigma of another. While she does this, she lays her eggs in the yucca flowers, so the larvae are protected and have a food source. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, and the yucca moth exists only to pollinate this family of plants.

They are also the New Mexico state flower!
Which Species Is Right For You?
If you came looking to buy a yucca for your yard, welcome! I love them, and I think you’ll love them too. Below is a list of all the different yuccas available, so click the links and you can read about that particular species.

And if it seems like there are too many choices, do what I do: look at the pictures. When you find the plant you like, you’ll know. They are really stately and will add a world of dimension to your yard or garden.

Types Of Yuccas

Blue Yucca - The Blue Yucca is a distinctive plant; blue-green leaves and white flowers make a statement.

Bright Edge Yucca - The bright edge yucca is a smaller version of Adam's Needle and ideal for smaller gardens.

Color Guard Yucca - Leaves of canary yellow turn rose in the winter; can you not add this to your garden?

Joshua Tree- Found in the Mojave Desert, they are also known as Palm Yuccas and Tree Yuccas.

Red Yucca - The red yucca is hardy, colorful, and attractive to bees and butterflies.

Soaptree Yucca - The Yucca Elata is a distinguishable desert landscaping plant; tall and stately.

Spanish Bayonet - The Spanish Dagger is can add ease and natural beauty to your garden.

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