About New Mexico Enchantment

About New Mexico Enchantment

Hi! Welcome! My name is Lynn and I’m so glad you want to learn about New Mexico Enchantment. I hope you've enjoyed all my articles, or that you'll stay awhile and read a bit if you haven't yet. I encourage you to leave your own thoughts, experiences and love for the Land of Enchantment.

My Story
You may wonder why I love this state so much. Admittedly, I’m a little biased. I’m Albuquerque born and bred. I received my Bachelors in Business Administration from UNM and I received my Masters in Business Administration from ENMU. I love business and I love New Mexico, so the obvious solution was to combine the two of them!

Why I LOVE New Mexico
Gosh, there are so many reasons. You’ll find specifics on my blog posts and in my articles. I grew up with the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, vibrant sunsets, amazingly delicious regional food, and a culture steeped history.

I love the food; New Mexican food smothered in red or green (sometimes both!) chile, piping hot sopapillas with a drizzle of honey, robust posole with fresh tortillas and the amazingly diverse and ever expanding variety of cuisines. From authentic Italian, filling Vietnamese, spicy and delicious Cajun, Sushi, Brazilian, Greek (oh the fabulousness that is Greek), Chinese, Korean BBQ, Russian, Cuban, authentic Mexican, excellent steakhouses… the list could go on and on. New Mexico has an incredibly diverse food scene, perfect for sharing time with friends and family over your favorite cuisine.

I love the people; New Mexico has historically been home to Mexicans, Spaniards, American Indians and eventually settlers from the East Coast. With over 300 years of integration, New Mexico developed a unique tolerance for newcomers and outsiders and I find the people warm and inviting, but also willing to give you your space. The mix of cultures is intoxicating. The stories, the traditions, the belief systems, the deep family ties and the loyalty of New Mexicans to their land are amazing and worth exploring.

I love the climate; I am a desert rat at heart. I am a fan of hot, dry summers. Winters are milder in New Mexico, but don't be fooled. Go north and you'll find lots of snow and great skiing, head south and you'll only encounter snow rarely. The winds come and blow away the heat. The rain falls and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean and heavenly. I cannot get enough of the smell of wet New Mexican dirt. The days are hot, the nights are cold and the sun is usually shining in a clear blue sky. Even when it’s chilly, there's a warm patch of sunlight coming through a window to lay and take a nap in. What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon… By the way, have you ever seen a lightning storm? Come to New Mexico and experience nature in a powerful and beautiful way. Want cooler temps? Drive up to the mountains for fresh air, cool rivers, the smell of evergreens and peace and quiet.

I love the agriculture; fresh apples, peaches, cherries, chiles, onions, pecans (If you go to Las Cruces try pecan bark; delish!), tomatillos, squash and sweet corn for calabacitas, pintos… anything you can imagine except citrus, tropical fruits and other exotic produce. So much of the state is agricultural that eating fresh is an ingrained way of life. Dairy farms, peanut farms, and cotton farms abound.

I love the traditions; the soft glow of luminarias at Christmas, the bright red chile ristras, the stucco homes with wood floors and wood beam ceilings, the amazing handcrafts of pottery, kachinas, rugs (the textiles are incredible), the art, silver and turquoise jewelry, the language that is known as Spanglish (Spanish & English), the smell of chile roasting in the fall, the International Balloon Fiesta, the New Mexico State Fair, Lobo football season… I could go on and on.

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I Guess You Could Say…

I love my home state!

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I realized how much my heritage is a part of me. Ever feel like a stranger in a strange land? That was me, way up there. I missed all the wonderful things I took for granted, so I want to share my love of New Mexico, its food, people, customs and uniqueness with you!

Let’s take a walk (virtually, of course) through my amazing home; the Land of Enchantment.

Experience my favorite things and all the wonderful aspects for yourself.

And when you’re ready to visit or move, my site will be here to help guide the way. I hope you love New Mexico as much as I do.

Muchas gracias y tengas un feliz viaje!
(Many thanks and have a happy trip!)

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