Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

The Most Relaxing Santa Fe Lodging Option!

Santa Fe vacation rentals are going to make your trip the most relaxing and comfortable you've ever experienced.

I can say this from my own experience. It's one thing to stay in lush accommodations, and Santa Fe lodging has some of the finest hotels anywhere, but it's something else entirely to stay in a place that feels like home.

santa fe vacation rentals
Rio Grande; 2 Bedroom Casita

So, Where Exactly Would I Be Staying?

Great question!

And the answer is: in your own casita!

What Is A Casita?

Only the best Santa Fe vacation rentals ever. Casita is Spanish for "little house". You'll be staying in your own house.

And not all of them are small (more on this later), but each is an individual with its own personality.

The big question is "why would I want to stay in a casita?"

santa fe vacation rentals
El Caminito; 1 Bedroom Casita

The answer is simple. Because of the relaxing, homey feel. Because of the close proximity to the plaza and the city center. Because you get to live like a Santa Fe resident, not a tourist. You'll get an authentic flavor of life in the southwest and let me be the first to tell you, you'll love it.

Where Do I Find A Casita?

There are plenty of Santa Fe vacation rentals when you search online, but let me give you the insider's guide. My friend Wendy is the proprietor of the best selection of Santa Fe casitas. She is dedicated to your vacation experience being the best it absolutely can be. She decorates her casitas in traditional New Mexican style and offers the utmost in hospitality and guidance through The City Different.

No matter what size you need, Wendy can accommodate your entire party.

santa fe vacation rentals
El Caminito; 1 Bedroom Casita

Wendy has 30 unique properties for your consideration and all sizes are offered. Choose from studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom casitas. All are in prime locations and all feel like you're walking right into your home, not some generic Santa Fe lodging establishment. Enjoy the close location to the Palace of the Governors, Museum Hill, and the Plaza. Tons of dining, shopping, and attractions are steps from your door.

Why I Love These Santa Fe Vacation Rentals

Aside from the fact that Wendy is so accommodating and her casitas are absolutely divine, there are other reasons I love this type of lodging.

My husband and I tend to be "slow travelers". This means we don't usually stay in resorts or near most tourist attractions. Instead, we like to really get a feel for the local environment. We like to eat where the locals eat, shop where the locals shop, and get a real authentic taste of our destination.

With our love of assimilating into the city we're visiting we prefer to stay in places like Wendy's casitas. They are all in real residential neighborhoods. They are all single family homes that have been decorated and fully furnished to allow you to have some semblance of normalcy as you explore Santa Fe.

santa fe vacation rentals
Hummingbird; 2 Bedroom Casita

If you want to curl up on the window seat in a patch of sunshine and read, you can. If you'd like to cook your favorite meal, you can. If you'd like to come home, put your feet up, and listen to the night sounds from your very own patio, you can.

And the most relaxing part of casitas is that everyone around you is going on about their daily lives, taking care of their families and you wind up feeling a real part of the society. This is Santa Fe lodging at its best.

santa fe vacation rentals
Old Santa Fe Trail; 1 Bedroom Casita
Ready To Book Your Vacation?

Visiting Santa Fe is an awesome experience and I know you'll love staying in one of Wendy's casitas. She offers the most unique Santa Fe vacation rentals and one is waiting for you to come and make memories.

Contact Wendy directly and tell her Lynn from New Mexico Enchantment sent you! She will help you get settled in the Santa Fe lodging perfect for you.Wendy  is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you make the most of your trip to Santa Fe, so don't hesitate to ask. I know her personally and I can vouch for the superior level of customer service she gives her customers.

Wendy believes your stay should match your expectations and says, "Experienced travelers know that their choice of lodging defines their journeys.” Make your memories unforgettable with these beautiful casitas.

You are going to have an amazing trip!

santa fe vacation rentals
Puerta Del Sol; 3 Bedroom Casita

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