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You Need Albuquerque Airport Transportation

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Albuquerque airport transportation is a major part of your travel plans.

Booking the flight and hotel are the parts we’re all familiar with, but there’s that little hitch about getting to and from the airport.

There are so many Albuquerque airport service options you are sure to find the right one for your travel needs. Options range from taking a complimentary shuttle offered by your hotel to hiring a private sedan or limousine to taking the city bus.

The question is, "Which is the right one for you?" What makes your life easier?

Let's answer that right now...

How We Travel
When leaving Albuquerque, we typically use the “park and ride” services on Yale. We park our car in their gated lot, take their shuttle up to the departing flights and head out. When we get home we take their shuttle back down to the lot and retrieve our car and pay our tab. The bill usually runs about $3 per day, which for a lighted, gated lot is a great option for us.

I’m also a big fan of taking free (or even paid) hotel shuttles to and from our hotel. It makes life a lot easier, especially if you’re going somewhere that you won’t be renting a car. We like to rent a car once in awhile when we visit a new city, but most of the time we prefer to live a pedestrian lifestyle and explore on foot.

We tend to rent a car when we have a really unpredictable schedule, want to see something far from our hotel, or when we travel on business (for obvious reasons). Car rental is convenient, but it can get expensive especially during the week and having them fill your tank for you (instead of returning the car with a full tank).

There are a ton of options regarding Albuquerque airport transportation, including all those I mentioned above. What are your travel plans? Asking yourself that question will help you decide the best Albuquerque airport service option is.

Traveling To The Albuquerque Airport
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Hotel Shuttles
If you’re in need of a ride to and from the airport and you’re visiting Albuquerque, try staying in an Airport Hotel. They are close by and offer free shuttle to pick you up and drop you off. Some even offer free shuttle service to specific attractions!

Car Rental
Car rental is a great option, especially if you want the freedom to set out and explore the city on your own terms. It's easy because the Albuquerque Airport has all the major car rental companies available and a free shuttle to take you to pick your car up. What could be easier?

Limousine Services

Limo services are excellent whether you are traveling to or from Albuquerque. Save yourself the hassle as a visitor of finding your way or worrying if the taxi is running your meter up. Be relaxed as a resident by leaving your car at home and not having to rely on friends and family to drop you off and pick you up.

See Albuquerque Airport Limousine Options Here.
Park And Ride

There are also park-and-ride options if you’re here in Albuquerque. You simply park your car at any of the locations near the airport, and they’ll shuttle you up and drop you off, and shuttle you back when you come home. The lots are secure and there’s a daily charge, but it’s cheaper than parking at the airport. You can find most of them right around Gibson & Yale.

City Bus

You can also take the city bus to and from the airport, which I never thought of doing. I always take either a cab or used the park-and-ride options. It is definitely cheaper, but it does require some coordination of your schedule.

See the bus routes and schedules to the airport HERE.
Other Albuquerque Airport Transportation Options

The Albuquerque Airport offers help with various other transportation services including a shuttle service to Santa Fe, limousine service, and taking the Rail Runner train to Bernalillo, Santa Fe, or Belen.

See all the transportation options HERE.
Now You're Ready To Go
You have all the Albuquerque airport transportation information; now all you have to do is book your trip and get going! Have a wonderful trip to your destination.

And if you're coming to Albuquerque? Welcome! You'll love it here.

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