Living In New Mexico

Living In New Mexico

Southwest Life Stories From A New Mexico Native

What is "Living in New Mexico"? It's kind of like a blog, except... not.

I'm sure you're familiar with blogging. You probably follow a few of your favorites.

Well, I'm not a very good blogger, but I do enjoy writing, especially about my experiences as a New Mexico native. This page is more of a catch-all for my favorite stories, topics, and musings. I have lots of thoughts about living in New Mexico, little things that pique my interest or that I want to write about that don't really fit in elsewhere on the site.

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Roasting Chiles Happens Every Fall In New Mexico
Living in New Mexico is a unique lifestyle. Things that are part of our everyday Southwest lifestyle are completely foreign to people from other places.

And those are the stories I want to share.

Each topic focuses on Southwest life facets and randomness that I feel make my home state the "Land of Enchantment".

You get to see the state through the eyes of a New Mexico native.

All the posts are organized by newest to oldest and like a traditional blog the newest posts are at the top of the page for your reading convenience. However, unlike a traditional blog, the post links are always visible so no digging through archives and constantly clicking "older posts" links.

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