Desert Flowers

Desert Flowers In New Mexico

See The Desert In Bloom

Desert flowers do exist! In the New Mexico desert, there's an abundance when spring comes to the state.

I am from Albuquerque, so our spring starts earlier than the Northern part of the state, but later than the Southern part of the state. Beginning in mid-March the New Mexico desert begins to wake up.

In Albuquerque, all the trees and forsythia are starting to bud. Flowers like crocus and pansies are blooming. This brings little sparks of deep purple and bright yellow to a landscape that is still mostly in hibernation. It is a promise; a promise that winter does not last forever.

Right now the desert is in bloom. Cacti is blooming and desert flowers abound. When the poppies begin their majestic march towards summer huge swathes of golden-yellow rivers run down the sides of hills and across the desert floor.

Driving out towards Arizona to see the desert in bloom for this very short window of time is a special annual tradition in my family.
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New Mexico Poppies Dominate Spring In The Desert

If you’re in the mountains you’ll notice different kinds of flowers like wild iris, globe mallow, Indian paintbrush and thistles. The New Mexico desert is often thought to be dead and dry, but during this time of year it is absolutely astounding.

And the wildlife! Robins and finches and orioles start appearing in abundance. Baby roadrunners and baby quail scuttle out from under bushes and follow behind mom.

There’s nothing like waking up to a bright, sunshine filled morning, dew on the grass, and a slight chill to the air. That chill dissipates as the sun climbs higher and higher and by midday everyone is driving around with windows open and convertible tops down.

It is that perfect time of year where it’s warm enough to be out and about without breaking a sweat. The weather is ideal for wearing shirt-sleeves and feeling the sun warm your skin. No wonder so many pictures get taken this time of year because when the desert is in bloom it's not only beautiful, but enjoyable to be outside.

There will be blustery days before the heat of summer sets in. Typically, we even have one last late season freeze. But our plants are hardy. Soon, the trees will erupt into full blossomed glory, unfurling their green leaves and the Rio Grande will fill with the runoff from snow melting up north. It is the way of the New Mexico desert.

For now, all is quiet except for the murmurs of the early blooming desert flowers.

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