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Looking For Hotels In Albuquerque? Welcome!

Finding Albuquerque hotels that meet your needs and make your stay pleasant is a big part of having an enjoyable trip.

If you’re staying in an Albuquerque hotel that is too expensive, too far away, in a part of town you’re unfamiliar with, or has poor service you can bet your trip won’t have as many good memories as it should.

Choosing a hotel can be a big task. What amenities do you want? Where in the city do you want to stay? How much is your hotel budget? All these factors can make choosing a hotel a headache.

As an Albuquerque native, I'm here to make it easy on you and give you the insider guide on hotels in the city.

Hotels In Albuquerque New Mexico
We’ve picked the best, most popular choices for lodging and detailed the benefits of each so you have a better idea of where you’ll be spending your trip (and your money!).

The good thing is there are plenty of choices for accommodations in the city so finding a deal is easy. All the choices allows you to focus on location, amenities, and things that are important to your travel happiness.

So get out and enjoy the city! Your room will be waiting when you get back.

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Albuquerque Doubletree - Enjoy a complimentary warm chocolate chip cookie, a fitness room & a central location.

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Albuquerque Wyndham - Now known as "Hawthorne Suites", the Wyndham is a relaxing, upscale retreat for visitors to Albuquerque.

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Albuquerque Embassy Suites - Not just a hotel, but a full service spa as well! Enjoy the trappings of fine accommodations; room service, an indoor pool, and gorgeous surroundings.

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Albuquerque Marriott - Central location, great view of the Sandia Mountains, an indoor and an outdoor pool and dining nearby.

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Choosing the right accommodations can make all the difference in how you remember your trip. Our hotel guide helps you choose a winner!

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