Symbols Of New Mexico

The Symbols Of New Mexico

New Mexico State Symbols, Their History & Meaning

Symbols of New Mexico are highly identifiable traits of the state. They provide a representation of New Mexico; a description of New Mexico that requires no words at all. New Mexico state symbols are extremely important to help people identify with the state and feel a bond, and also to promote the state to others. In essence, the state symbols are the state's brand.

What Symbols Of New Mexico Mean
New Mexico symbols have to be easily identifiable and stand out in a crowd. They must clearly communicate and be simple enough that they stick in people’s memories. There has to be an emotional tie to the symbol, otherwise it won’t resonate with people.

The symbols of New Mexico evoke a feeling of pride and community. Residents are proud of their heritage and their environment and our symbols show that. Plus, they are so distinct that New Mexico often stands out amongst its peers because we have such a unique landscape and environment.

Popular New Mexico State Symbols

The most popular, and easily recognized, of New Mexico state symbols is the state flag. Our state flag is bold red and yellow with a simple and memorable Zia Sun Sign right in the middle. The state flag represents not only New Mexico’s past, but also the heritage we continue to embrace.

The next most popular New Mexico symbols would have to be the state bird. Everyone knows the roadrunner (beep! beep!) and everyone identifies this scrappy bird with the Southwest. The roadrunner is iconic and a clear representation of what to expect in New Mexico.

Another of the most popular symbols of New Mexico has to be the state flower. The state flower is the Yucca, and it is evident all over the state. The tall, white clusters of flowers spring up out of the sand and impart an otherworldly beauty on the landscape. They are called the “Lamps of the Lord” because they seem to glow under the moonlight.

They're Everywhere...

New Mexico symbols are everywhere, from the mountains to the red chile ristras to the adobe walls to howling coyotes. I bet as you look around you'll start to see all sorts of symbols that you never noticed before.

That's the best part of New Mexico; it looks simple and plain but it is hugely complex and diverse. What an amazing state.