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Welcome To New Mexico's Best Resource & Guide!

The state of New Mexico is also known as the "Land of Enchantment".

After you’ve spent some time here it’s obvious why. This is an amazing, unique state and I’d like the opportunity to share some of its finer aspects with you.

Why Would You Want To Visit New Mexico?

New Mexico Vista, State Of New Mexico
Why wouldn't you?

The Scenery: The vistas of New Mexico are some of the most beautiful in the nation. The towering craggy granite mountains of central and northern New Mexico are well known to skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. Western New Mexico melts into the painted desert where the vibrant colors demand your attention. The eastern side of the state is home to the "badlands", where some of the most interesting rock formations reside.

The Food: This ain't your momma's Mexican food! Oh no. This is New Mexican cuisine and it is delicious. Visit one Mexican restaurant and you'll hear the server ask, "red or green?"

Red or green what?


Chile is spicy, full of flavor, and completely unique to the state of New Mexico. Chile is prepared differently throughout the state so it's worth it to try all the variations and find your favorite. (I'm partial to the cumin-heavy southern version.) We also have a ton of fine dining, fusion dining, and some of the most delicious ethnic restaurants around. (Be sure to check out our Albuquerque restaurants page.)
The People: New Mexicans are friendly, warm, and welcoming. We want you to enjoy your stay in the state of New Mexico and we are more than happy to answer your questions and share our history and culture with you. Just ask!

So, What's This Site All About?

I'm glad you asked! I want both visitors to, and residents of, the state of New Mexico to see just how interesting and diverse the Land of Enchantment really is.

The state of New Mexico is an incredibly fun place to visit (and live). Growing up here I've seen it all and done it all. Now, I'm excited to share my secrets about the real New Mexico with you.

Hi! I'm Lynn, and I'm a native New Mexican. I was born and raised in Albuquerque. As I was growing up my parents dragged me all over the state (or at least that was how I saw it as a kid) to satiate my dad's need for the open road. Dad loved to take road trips; he still does.

If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have seen and experienced all that New Mexico has to offer. He instilled in me the love of travel and to explore close to home.

So... thanks, Dad!

New Mexico Specialties
If you’re getting ready to travel to the state of New Mexico our information will help you plan your trip. Take your time and go through the cities. I bet you'll discover things you never knew you wanted to see. The tips here are how you'll plan a memorable, fun-filled trip.

By the way, have you ever considered attending college in New Mexico? There are lots of great reasons why you should. I'll tell you all of them...

Don't forget your camera!

New Mexico Attractions, State Of New Mexico
New Mexico Tourist Attractions

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Tourist Attractions By City

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New Mexico Colleges And Universities

Taking A Trip Back In Time...

This is a 1940's tourism film for New Mexico. I think it's kind of great. Enjoy!

Fun Stuff

These fun facts and interesting tidbits about the Land of Enchantment are great for visitors, residents, newcomers and life-longers. There’s a ton of unique and unusual facets to NM.

Take a look… I promise it's as fun as it is educational!

Living In New Mexico
Stories Of Living In New Mexico

Symbols Of New Mexico
New Mexico Symbols

New Mexico Humor
New Mexico Humor & Clean Jokes

New Mexico History
New Mexico History

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Blog: Visit My Personal Blog. Here are all my stories and thoughts about life in New Mexico. They really give you the inside scoop to why I love the Land of Enchantment.

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A Final Word

Whether your plans are to travel to the state of New Mexico or simply learn more about the place you call home, this site is designed to help you.

I am so glad you let me share my favorite place on Earth with you. I love the state of New Mexico. I hope all this information encourages you to go out and experience the best NM has to offer.

I look forward to sharing many more beautiful experiences and stories about my home state with you. And hopefully, you'll share yours with me!

Come! Join me as we travel through the Land of Enchantment...

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