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Albuquerque motels, or budget hotels, allow you to save money on your lodging. You can either count this as a savings and travel on a budget, or as I like to do, go see and do more with the money I’ve saved.

And if you're anything like me, when you're out and about seeing all the sites and visiting all the attractions you'd rather spend your money on that instead of a concierge service you will never use.

That's what makes budget hotels an excellent option for this type of trip. There are other good reasons to stay in a budget hotel too.

What Is A "Motel"?

This is a great question!

Typically these are more budget-conscious hotels. They provide all the basic necessities but lack the little extras such as premium bedding, bigger rooms, and upgraded toiletries. The premises are probably equipped with ice and snack machines, a lobby with travel brochures, and maybe a pool & Jacuzzi.

All your comfort needs will be met but don’t expect room service or dry cleaning service. This is reflected in the price, which can run as low as $40 a night depending on the season.

Big savings here!

Are Albuquerque Motels Worth The Price?
Well, as a kid we stayed solely at Motel 6 and I think for the most part motels are a perfectly good option. It's important to know that when my family traveled we spent very little (I mean very little) time in our motel room.

Dad was all about getting out around 8 am and doing stuff all day until well after dinner. Dad believed in getting his money’s worth for his vacation time. He squeezed as much as he could into every day.

This made motels an ideal choice because we really only slept and bathed there, spending maybe 12-14 hours a day there. I still stay at Motel 6 whenever I’m just passing through a town; I usually don’t need a reservation and the prices are great for a comfy place to snooze and then be on my way.

When I Choose A Hotel Instead
If you’re still trying to decide if staying in an Albuquerque motel is right for your trip, here’s another measure I use. If I’m going on a relaxing vacation (like when we travel to Hawaii) I stay at higher end hotels. This is because I want to sleep in, have a lot of attractions close to the hotel, and have lounges, pools, exercise rooms and other amenities.

If I am traveling for an extended period of time, also, I will stay at a hotel. After being in meetings all day for several days in a row all I want is a fluffy, plush bed to crash into at night.

Albuquerque Motel Brands
These motels will go easy on your budget while still giving you a comfortable night’s stay. Depending on the location you choose you may have laundry facilities, a pool, a continental breakfast and more. Take your time and read about the location and amenities of each before choosing.


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Make Your Albuquerque Motel 6 Reservations!

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Make Your Albuquerque Super 8 Reservations!

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Make Your Albuquerque Days Inn Reservations!

Choosing the right place to stay while you travel is important. Whether it's price, location, or brand that you care about there's a perfect match in the city. So what are you waiting for? Come visit!

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