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Beautiful New Mexico Sunset Scenes-

Ever Ask "Why Are Sunsets Red?"

Sunset scenes are a favorite subject for photographers.

If you're in New Mexico, you're in luck. New Mexico sunsets are absolutely gorgeous!

We have the some of the most vibrant sunsets I have ever seen. While not at all like the beautiful fuschia and teal stretching over the navy blue water of Hawaii, or the bright pink and deep purple of Florida, New Mexico sunsets are the colors of the painted desert. Expect to see deep orange, red, dusky purple, salmon, and rust as the sun slips over the horizon.

Many nights, you'd swear the desert was on fire and it was reflecting in the sky.

The question is why are New Mexico sunsets are some of the best sunset scenes around?

Albuquerque Sunset, Sunset Scenes
Late Fall Sunset. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Why Are Sunsets Red?

I hear this question a lot.

The red and orange sunset colors are found in New Mexico for several reasons: clean air, no pollution, and lots of refractive particulate in the air.

We have clean air because of our high altitude. We lack pollution because we are a big, rural state with wide-open spaces. We have a myriad of particulate in the air; this is a complex mixture of organic chemicals, soil and dust particles, metals, and liquid droplets.

All of these factors alone, or in combination, cause the light to refract into the beautiful colors we know as traditional sunset scenes.

The conditions are just right in New Mexico to cause our own special mix of vibrant colors to spread across the sky nightly.

Sunset Photography
It isn't uncommon for even novice photographers to snap away when the sky begins to darken. The natural vibrance and beauty of sunsets around the world have been captivating artists no doubt from the beginning of time. My dad, being a photographer, is one of those artists.

Enter, Dad...

My dad spent a large part of his career as a professional photographer. He’s the shutterbug of the family, complete with his own darkroom (of which the pieces were sold when my sister discovered all the room in her closet the enlarger and trays were taking up). Dad is retired now, but still gets the digital camera out daily to take pictures of scenery, day trips he and mom go on, the cats, the snow, the birds at the bird feeders, just about anything he can get in the viewfinder.

Either way, Dad’s habits coupled with his camera skills resulted in this:

red sunset, desert sunset, sunset scenes
Early Spring In Albuquerque, New Mexico
Captivating, mesmerizing, eerily beautiful. Who wouldn't want to end their days with this kind of impact?

Of course, sunsets vary greatly and there are endless beautiful manifestations. It all depends where you are in the world. I'm a big fan of the deep red, orange, and yellows of the desert but there are also purple, pink, and turquoise found especially near the water.

Ah, but you know I love my state. The gorgeous sunsets are just a part of that.

Sunset in New Mexico, Sunset in Albuquerque
The Fiery Evening Sky. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Welcome, friends, to my amazing state. Be sure to enjoy our sunsets; they are one of a kind.

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