Bright Edge Yucca

The Bright Edge Yucca Is A Smaller Plant

Add Yucca Filamentosa To Your Garden!

The Bright Edge yucca is perfect for a low maintenance garden.

But first, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same plant. It is actually a dwarf cultivar of the popular Adams Needle Yucca. Its proper name is Yucca Filamentosa.

Considered to be an extremely hardy plant, the yucca can withstand the heat of summer and freezing temperatures in the winter (zones 4-10).

The bright edge yucca requires little care; moderate watering, light fertilization, good drainage for the roots and minimal pruning.

What could be easier?

The Adams Needle Yucca In Your Garden

bright edge yucca, yucca filamentosa, adams needle yucca
 This yucca is similar in appearance to others in the species. It possesses the familiar rosette of dark green sword-shaped leaves at the base of the plant and tall stalks that bloom jetting upward out of the center of it.

The rosette stands only about 2 feet tall, and the flower stalks rise 3-4 feet. The spread of the rosette will be less than 2 feet. It's good to keep this diameter in mind when plotting where you will be planting the yucca.

The bright edge yucca got its name because of the color of its leaves. The plants offers the traditional dark green leaves of the Adams Needle yucca with a bright yellow ribbon around the edges.

The stalks bear creamy white bell-shaped flowers that have a sweet smell. These are night blooming flowers, so the smell becomes stronger as the night progresses.

The flower aroma is essential to the pollination of the yucca. The sweet scent attracts the yucca moth, which pollinates the plants and continues their life cycle.

The flowers will not start to appear until the plant is mature, which can take a couple of years, but you’ll be glad you did. Once it does begin flowering it will start in spring and continue all the way through early fall.

yucca filamentosa, adams needle yucca, yucca flowers
Space the yucca filamentosa a few feet apart and combine with low-profile, mounded foliage plants.

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Plant in full or partial shade and then leave it alone. Plus, they are perennials so you don’t have to replace them every year.

Yuccas are hardy and have little problem with pests so they will not bring problems to your garden. It needs very little tending and care and is perfect for desert gardens or xeriscaping due to its drought resistance.

Did I mention that it is a smaller yucca? This makes it an ideal choice for limited spaces. How many plants do you know of that work in almost any environment and any size yard? Not too many.

The Adam’s Needle Is A Perfect Garden Addition

This plant is so easy and so distinct it is quickly becoming a favorite of gardeners everywhere. I hope you enjoyed learning about it.

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