Blue Yucca

The Blue Yucca (Yucca Rigida) Has A Distinct Blue Hue

Add Some Depth To Your Garden With Blue Yuccas

The blue yucca is beautiful leafy perennial that glows with a dusky blue hue. This pretty plant’s species name is Yucca Rigida. There is a reason for that. The leaves are sturdy and firm and coupled with their blue color, either name is perfectly appropriate.

Physical Characteristics
The blue yucca is similar to other yuccas, such as the Soaptree Yucca, in that it forms a trunk as it grows older and more mature. Some yuccas stay close to the ground, but not this one! It can grow to over 12 feet tall.

The leaves of this particular yucca have a distinct spine at the tip, making them quite sharp. This can be dangerous because the leaves can cut skin if precautions aren’t taken. If pets are overactive, it is advisable to plant your yucca high enough to avoid injuring your pet.

The base of the plant is a rosette of powder blue leaves, shaped like swords. As the trunk grows, this rosette stays at the top and can wind up several feet off the ground.
yucca rigida, blue yucca

Out of the center of the leaves several towering stalks of up to 5 feet will grow. Each stalk will start to produce flowers after the plant matures, which can take a couple years after planting. Once the flowers start blooming you’ll be glad you waited.

The yucca flowers are pale white and luminescent in the dark when the moonlight bounces off them. The blue yucca is a nocturnal plant, which means it blooms at night. This is when the flowers have their strongest scent and this scent attracts the yucca moth.

An interesting little tidbit- the yucca moth is the only pollinator the yucca rigida (and other yuccas, for that matter) has.
The Blue Yucca In Your Garden

Your yucca won’t need a whole lot of attention, but it does have some specific needs. It needs partial or full sun and well draining soil. Water is minimal, but in the first year water regularly and then slow down after the plant’s root system is established.

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This is also why well-draining soil is so important; the yucca does not like sitting in moisture. It helps avoid accidental over-watering which will cause the roots to rot.

The plant is quite suitable for warm weather, but is a bit sensitive to colder temperatures. It has a hardiness of zones 7-10.

Expect for your yucca rigida to be about 12 feet tall at full maturity and need about 5 feet diameter in space. After spacing your yucca out, fill in with lower-profile shrubbery and blooming bushes to really give your landscape a wow factor.

I know one of these plants will add a "wow factor" to your garden. I hope you enjoy the beauty and the ease of growing them!

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