Albuquerque Museum

Which Albuquerque Museum Are You Visiting?

We Have Several To Choose From!

We want to help you choose the Albuquerque museum you'll enjoy most. There are several really great museums in Albuquerque.

By knowing what each museum offers, where it is located in the city, and its hours of operation will help you choose the best way to spend your time. Our museums tend to be quite affordable and make an ideal way to get out of the sun for a bit and also spend some time together learning in a fun way.

I'm a big fan of all our museums and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy them also!

Albuquerque Museum Of Art & History- You'll find this one in scenic historic Old Town. The museum features art from the American Southwest. There is also over 400 years of the history of Albuquerque and the surrounding area, known as the Rio Grande Valley. There are exhibitions that are always available, but there are also exhibitions that change regularly. The museum is home to several permanent displays. Admission ranges from $1-4 and there are also free admission times and days. The best way to find out the costs of your visit is to check their website: Albuquerque Museum

Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum- On the other side of the city, at Balloon Fiesta Park, you'll find the Balloon Museum. Albuquerque is known as the "ballooning capital of the world" and hosts thousands of hot air balloons every year for the International Balloon Fiesta. The museum is dedicated to the history of ballooning, the science behind keeping these fragile flyers in the air, and the artistic expression of balloons and their operators. Admission ranges from FREE-$4. They also offer free admission. Visit their website for more information: Balloon Museum

New Mexico Museum Of Science & Natural History- Ok, who doesn't love dinosaurs? I do! And this is the place to get your fix. In my favorite Albuquerque museum you'll journey through the development of the universe and different geologic periods. See what volcanoes and ice caves are like. Experience the stars in a new way in the planetarium. Don't forget the Extreme Screen DynaTheater- the largest screen in the state brings you into the movie (movies change regularly). Admission ranges from $4-10 depending on the venue (museum, theater, planetarium) you choose. Free admission days are also available. Their website has detailed admission information: Natural History Museum
new mexico natural history museum

National Atomic Museum- New Mexico has a long history in the development of nuclear science. Learn how this innovative process affected the world beginning in the Atomic Age through the Manhattan Project, the Cold War, and into today. Nuclear science has also been integral to powering various machinery such as planes, trains, missiles, and submarines which you can see in the adjacent park. Admission fees are FREE-$8. The Atomic Museum website has more information: Atomic Museum
Explora- If you have little ones this may be the place you'll want to check out. Explora is an interactive, hands-on learning center. Inspire your kid's imaginations with over 250 interactive exhibits. Education becomes fun as the wonders of the world become manageable for young minds through creative ventures into science, art, and technology. Their motto is "Ideas You Can Touch" and they live up to it. Admission ranges from $4-8 (with kids under 1 FREE). As usual, more information can be found at their website: Explora Museum
National Hispanic Cultural Center- One of the best Albuquerque museums, the Hispanic Cultural Center is the only national institution dedicated to its subject. The museum is dedicated to the study, advancement, and curation of Hispanic art, culture, and history. Exhibits are both permanent and temporary so checking the current rotation is advisable. All topics are covered including literary arts, visual arts, performing arts, media arts, education, and of course, history. Admission is FREE for kids under 16 and only $2-3 for adults. Also, free admission days are offered. Check out the website for additional information: NHCC
albuquerque museum, albuquerque museums

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center- Pueblo Indian culture has a long-standing influence on Albuquerque that continues through the present day. Visit a museum that focuses solely on the exploration and preservation of Pueblo Indian culture. Start from the prehistoric and continue through the modern era. 19 different pueblos are represented in this Albuquerque museum through various artifacts, archaeological pieces, exhibits, and even dances! You will come away with a new knowledge of Pueblo Indian culture, history, and art. Admission ranges from FREE-$6. Visiting their website will give you more information: Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Albuquerque museums provide an easy way to entertain the whole family at a bargain price. Spend some family time together and learn a little bit about the surrounding area. I hope whichever Albuquerque museum you choose provides you with great memories!

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