Albequerque New Mexico

Albequerque, New Mexico?

Or Is It Albuqueque, NM?

Maybe Just ABQ Or ALB...

Welcome to Albequerque, New Mexico!

Or Albequerque, NM.

Could also be Albuqueque, NM.

No matter how you spell it, you’re looking for my hometown, which you can go straight to here: Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Just How Exactly Do You Spell This Crazy Name?
I know how you feel. Imagine being a second grader and having to memorize this long, awkward name so you can send your penpal a letter. (Oh, wait. I don’t think too many people send letters anymore. Hm. Well, I know you understand what I’m saying even if I do sound a bit outdated, haha!)

Still, Albuquerque is a wonderful historic city and the name is the hardest part of all to figure out. Don’t let it deter you; come and visit anyway!

Albequerque, New Mexico & Other Spellings
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Albequerque, New Mexico and Albequerque, NM are actually almost perfect. All we need is a quick change from “e” to “u” and you’re done!

Albequerque = Albuquerque

Albuqueque, NM is quite close to the real spelling also. Easily fixed, this one! Simply add an “r” and off you go.

Albuqueque = Albuquerque

’Course, There’s Always The “Easiest Is Best” Method

Hey, not everyone has time to write Albuquerque out, and many people and companies use abbreviations.

Our most popular abbreviation is ABQ. Short, sweet, simple. ABQ is also the name of our airport, so now when you buy airline tickets simply use this instead of typing the whole city out. Easy peasy! It is also the “correct” abbreviation for the city and is recognized by most people living here or doing business here.

Another abbreviation that is quite popular is ALB. This is actually the first one I learned and I used it for many years. However, it isn’t recognized as “correct” by the post office so to stay on their good side I learned the more accurate ABQ. It was actually my aunt's postman in San Diego that told me I was addressing letters wrong. He said my letters would still delivered but they would prefer if I didn't use ALB.

Interestingly, it's still a common abbreviation for Albuquerque. It is used in a lot of situations outside of the USPS and is perfectly acceptable.

Lesson Over!

That’s all there is to spelling Albuquerque. So whether you got here using Albequerque, Albuqueque, or any other variation, we know what you meant.

And we want you to stay awhile! Visit! See the sights!

(Using our simple explanations it’ll be like you’ve lived here all your life.)

Welcome to my favorite city in the world! Enjoy!