Arthritis Treatments

Arthritis Treatments - Yucca For Arthritis

This Natural Anti Inflammatory Works To Relieve Arthritis In Animals Also!

Arthritis treatments are a dime-a-dozen nowadays. No matter where you turn there is a new product or solution for arthritis, yet people are still suffering the symptoms.

The good news is herbal and holistic arthritis treatments are growing in popularity. Finding a natural anti-inflammatory agent can give substantial relief with few side effects.

This solution is suitable to relieve arthritis in yourself and in animals.
Yucca For Arthritis

You may not be familiar with it, but yucca has been grown in the Southwestern part of the U.S. for centuries. It is a popular herbal remedy among the native people.
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The yucca stalk and yucca root contain steroidal saponins- that is, plant-based steroids.

These steroids are the precursor to cortisol and help relieve inflammation. That is one of the most frustrating and painful symptoms of arthritis; inflamed and stiff joints.

While taking yucca for arthritis isn’t as powerful as a cortisol shot, if taken daily it can result in reduced symptoms. The natural anti-inflammatory agents build up in your system over time.

It Works For Arthritis In Animals, Too!
If your pet is prone to stiff joints or arthritic problems, their arthritis treatments may be too expensive or too stressful through conventional methods. Yucca is suitable for pets as well! I do recommend you visit your vet for dosage help, though, because what is right for my 100 pound German Shepherd may not be right for your pet.

While you may give your pet yucca pills Do Not give them yucca extract unless it is specially formulated for animals.


Because yucca extract contains alcohol. You definitely don't want to give your pet alcohol.

Read About Yucca Treatment For Your Pets.

Taking Yucca For Arthritis
Most yucca root comes in pill form. Yucca root and/or yucca stalk is ground and encapsulated for your convenience.

You may also choose loose yucca powder, which can be mixed into soft foods or liquids.

Yucca extract is slightly different. It is a liquid that is administered with a dropper. One benefit to yucca extract is there are no pills to swallow, but it does contain alcohol, which may interfere with your doctor’s orders. If your doctor clears you to use it, it is a quick, convenient method to get your daily dose of yucca.

Yucca root can be an excellent way to manage arthritis symptoms. It is affordable and easily available. I hope our information on the benefits of yucca on arthritis has been beneficial to you.

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and I am not authorized to give medical advice. The opinions expressed on this page are not endorsed by the FDA. Please consult your physician before beginning or ending any medication, including holistic supplements.

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