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Gifts From New Mexico - New Mexico T-shirts

New Mexico Gifts & Calendars, Too!

If you’re looking for gifts from New Mexico, you’ve come to the right place! Our proprietary designs that really represent the Land of Enchantment. Whether you’re buying for a native New Mexican, someone who loves to visit NM, or even someone who has never had the chance to travel here but who loves the art and scenery, we’ve got the perfect gift!

New Mexico T-shirts

The most unique gifts from New Mexico are our New Mexico t-shirts. We have four designs available, and all are unique expressions of our state. We offer a variety of designs from humorous to heartfelt, so whoever you're buying for or whatever occasion you're buying for, you'll find the perfect gift.

I highly recommend treating yourself to your favorite design- Why wait?

holy guacamole, new mexico gifts, gifts from new mexico

Holy Guacamole

This funny t-shirt is based on the colloquial saying “holy guacamole”. I’ve got to admit, this one is my favorite design of all. (We have totes, aprons, mousepads & more available!)

Click Here To See All Our "Holy Guacamole" Merchandise.

holy frijoles, funny shirts

Holy Frijoles

How can you not smile with our "holy frijoles" keeping you under their spunky lil' angel wings? And who doesn't love just saying it? "Holy Frijoles!!" (Trucker hats, aprons, even doggie shirts available too!)

Click Here To See All Our "Holy Frijoles" Merchandise.

i heart new mexico, new mexico t-shirts, gifts from new mexico

Heart Of New Mexico

This design is based on our deep love for New Mexico. “Heart of NM” is a bold graphic that clearly implies just exactly where a piece of your heart remains. (Also, check out our coffee mugs, pins, stickers, and hat options!)

Click Here To See All Our "Heart Of New Mexico" Merchandise.

i love new mexico, new mexico tshirt
I Love New Mexico

Do you love New Mexico? I do! Our “I Love NM” design is a simple way of letting people know exactly where your heart lies. (There's also notecards, iPhone and Android covers, and ties available in this design.)

Click Here To See All Our "I Love New Mexico" Merchandise.

Calendar Gifts
Maybe you want to buy calendars as your New Mexico gifts. No problem!

We are proud to offer the best wall calendars on the market today.

new mexico calendar, buy calendars, gifts from new mexico

New Mexico Calendars

Our New Mexico calendars highlight the scenery, the beauty, and the art found in New Mexico. Take a walk through the state in pictures or through the artist’s eyes with these vibrant and beautiful New Mexico gifts.

Click Here For NM Calendars.

sunset calendars, new mexico sunset, gifts from new mexico
Sunset Calendars

Or how about sunsets? New Mexico sunsets are a trademark of the state, and these sunset calendars capture the beauty of sunsets all over the world. Do you know someone that loves sunsets? We all do...

Click Here For Sunset Calendars.

Saving You Time By Offering The Best Selection!

Our gifts from New Mexico are designed to make your life easier; perfectly tailored gifts that represent the Land of Enchantment. All you have to do is point, click, and be modest when they’re thanking you for the amazing gift.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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