Funny Shirts

Funny Shirts From New Mexico

Holy Guacamole & Holy Frijoles

Our funny shirts are all about New Mexico!

If you’re looking for items with a New Mexico twist, you need to check out our store.

A little Southwestern humor will keep you smiling every time you wear these shirts whether you’re still here or you’re miles away.

Each of these designs are exclusive to New Mexico Enchantment and we think there's bound to be one that is just right for you.

(They also make excellent gifts! I know from experience…)

Holy Guacamole

We all say it; “Holy Guacamole!!” We tend to use it to express surprise or shock, sometimes disbelief. Saying “holy guacamole” can even refer to “Wow!” The best part is it can be used earnestly or ironically, making this shirt excellent for non-hipsters and hipsters alike. Wear your NM style and rock this shirt like I know you can.

holy guacamole, funny shirts

Holy Frijoles
Almost, but not quite the same as “holy guacamole”, this saying refers to a staple in the New Mexican diet. It isn’t uncommon to eat refried pintos (aka frijoles) at least once a day. It is used in much the same context; to convey shock, surprise, and disbelief and in both serious and ironic ways. Now you can have these little “Holy Frijoles” keeping you under their wings. What more could you want?

holy frijoles, funny shirts

Not Just Funny Shirts…

Of course, funny shirts are totally AWESOME, but so are serious shirts. These next designs really focus on the love we have for New Mexico. These shirts are great if you’re missing the Land of Enchantment, if you’re proud to be a New Mexican, or simply to remind you that you have ties to an incredibly amazing state.

(And hey, if you’re not into shirts, you can get any of these designs in hats, aprons, notecards, magnets, coffee mugs, doggie shirts, mousepads, and more!)
Heart of New Mexico

The Heart of New Mexico collection exemplifies how most of us have left a little piece of our heart here. It’s difficult to come to the state and not be transfixed and forever changed. My heart is in New Mexico, and if yours is too, this is the design for you.

new mexico, new mexico tshirt

I Love New Mexico

Of course, everybody needs an “I Love NM" shirt. Even if you’ve only visited once, this is the souvenir to take home with you. This is the shirt that will be recognized by non- New Mexicans and have them asking you about it. This is the shirt for anyone that loves New Mexico.

i love new mexico, new mexico tshirt

I hope you enjoyed your trip through our little store. Be sure to pick up your favorite design, and one for your favorite person also!

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